5 Reasons Why Australians Outsource to the Philippines

Manny Pacquiao, Pia Wurtzbach, JoKoy, Bretman Rock – all Filipinos making waves globally. And they are not the only ones. Many Filipinos, though not making it to international news, are also making a global impact through the outsourcing route.

While the outsourcing game is fierce, the Philippines remains an Aussie favorite outsourcing destination “with more than 300 Australian outsourcing companies in the Philippines employing more than 44,000 Filipinos,” according to the Philippine Ambassador to Australia.

Here are the top reasons why Australians love to outsource to the Philippines:

Outsource to the Philippines

English Proficiency with a Dash of Pakikisama

Aussie businesses might be wary of potential communication hiccups but fear not! Most Filipinos speak English fluently, with the unique ability to remove any local accent, because English is a subject incorporated in the academic curriculum of Philippine schools from kindergarten to university.

Add to that the Filipino trait of pakikisama – and you have the perfect combination of a staff that speaks your language and plays your game, so to speak. Pakikisama is the spirit of getting along with anyone, which makes Filipinos great team players.

Filipinos are also known for their friendly and approachable demeanor, making communication more collaborative and less hierarchical. Embracing this cultural aspect fosters an environment where ideas can flow freely, and your offshore team in the Philippines feel comfortable expressing themselves.

2-3 Hour Time Zone Difference

Time zone differences are one of the most pressing challenges in outsourcing, especially when you need your Australian and Philippine teams to work together. There is not much of a problem with this when you outsource with a BPO company based in the Philippines because there is only a two- to three-hour difference between the two countries.

9 AM in Sydney is 7 AM in Cebu (where Parkes BPO is located) – which is the perfect start for a dayshift in the Philippines. Most Filipinos prefer a company that gives them long term employment and the sustainable day shift allows them to stick around for a much longer period. Filipinos are also makapamilya (family oriented) and most would prefer working hours that give them ample time to spend with their family.

By leveraging this time zone synergy, Australian businesses and Filipino BPOs can establish efficient workflows, ensuring that tasks are seamlessly handed over between teams, leading to improved project timelines.

Quality Work from Highly Skilled Labour

Quality assurance of the offshore team is a paramount consideration for any outsourcing venture. Businesses that have faced challenges in this aspect may find reassurance in the Filipino commitment to excellence.

Pagmamalaki (sense of pride), hiya (sense of shame), utang na loob (debt of gratitude) and makapamilya are Filipino values that guide them to produce the best quality of work. It is deeply ingrained in Filipino culture to accomplish things that give them, as individuals, and their families a sense of pride.

This is also the reason why Filipinos, at an early age, are encouraged to focus more on education and finishing university because a university degree is a sense of pride not only for the individual but also for the family (heck, even the whole barangay!).

By understanding these Filipino traits and building strong relationships with your Filipino team, you create a shared commitment to delivering high-quality results, aligning objectives, and ensuring mutual success.

Build Strong Teams and Meaningful Work with Malasakit

Filipinos are known for their malasakit (genuine care for others) even for those they don’t intimately know. When they deal with other people, they are always mindful of making the other person comfortable or helping to the best of their abilities (sa abot nang makakaya). It is not an uncommon sighting of a Filipino staff often going above and beyond their job description to help a team member.

Bayanihan is also another Filipino trait that demonstrates teamwork. The typical representation of bayanihan is a scene where neighbors help lift a traditional bahay kubo and carry it to a new location. In more recent years amidst several natural disasters (e.g. super typhoon Rai which hit Cebu in 2021 and the two-year COVID-19 pandemic), the Filipino bayanihan spirit was a vital factor why BPO companies in Cebu continued their operations with very minimal disruption.

The bayanihan spirit of Filipino employees and company management, with the support of the network of other BPO companies and the local government agencies, made uninterrupted business operations possible.

Fun, Talented and Friendly People

“It’s more fun in the Philippines!” was one of the Philippines’ official tourism slogans – and rightly so. Filipinos are fun, love singing and dancing, especially good at karaoke, and enjoy sharing meals. Parties in Filipino offices are one of a kind, with most employees able to showcase their talents at the drop of a hat.

In the workplace, the fun and friendly attitude of Filipinos translates to a non-stuffy vibe where your team members will always greet you with the biggest smiles and may share a laugh or two to break the ice. Having a friendly atmosphere in the office helps Filipino BPO companies reduce turnover rates and staffing issues. The friendly attitude also translates to excellent customer service that Filipino workers deliver to their clients.

Knowing in advance these traits will make it easier for you to retain dedicated and loyal team members. Creating a supportive work environment that values work-life balance contributes to team stability and employee satisfaction.

Outsourcing Filipino staff can be a transformative decision

Hiring Filipino staff can be a transformative decision for Australian businesses. By embracing Filipino traits like pakikisama, bayanihan, and malasakit, businesses can create a robust and synergistic partnership with Philippine-based outsourcing companies.

The Philippines offers a wealth of skilled professionals who are not just employees, but collaborators invested in the day-to-day success of your business. Just look at other Australian business, like Telstra and ANZ Banking, and their success with their outsourced teams in the Philippines.

In deciding to hire Filipino workers, you are not just expanding your workforce; you are embracing a rich tapestry of culture, values, and unparalleled dedication and loyalty.