Parkes BPO’s Quality and Affordable Outsourced Services Featured in AI Magazine

Parkes BPO Solutions was featured by Acquisition International in its first issue of 2021, in an article titled “Quality and Affordability.” Parkes BPO partnered with AI to bring awareness to a wider market of the quality and affordable outsourced services the offshoring company is offering mostly to small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Quality and affordable outsourced services

Quality and affordability remain the pillar of the way we do business, although we have evolved into becoming a more structured solutions provider that offers 100% productivity with minimal-to-zero-disruption. – Peter Levis, CEO, Parkes BPO Share on X

Parkes BPO is proud to offer quality and affordable outsourced services tailored to the needs of the clients that can also help them save up to 60% in admin costs. Our four core quality and affordable outsourced services are:

“We also make sure our clients don’t get lost in the crowd as we provide a personalised service to make it feel like our employees are part of the client’s company, but just in a different location.”

To differentiate us from other outsourcing companies, we push the envelope in outsourcing and strive to ensure:

    1. minimum-to-zero work disruptions through our human resource system and cross-training of employees for back-ups in cases of emergencies, such as immediate isolation due to infection of COVID-19
    2. high-quality and affordable services by implementing a two-step applicant vetting process and giving our employees fair labor terms as we believe employees who are valued professionally are happy to produce top-notch output everyday.


About Parkes BPO

Parkes BPO Solutions is an outsourcing and offshoring company based in Cebu City, Philippines. Established in 2014, initially as a small group of freelancers, Parkes BPO has grown into a small company employing 16 full-time professionals providing affordable and quality outsourced services in the fields of accounting & finance, bookkeeping, digital marketing, and virtual assistant services to clients primarily located in Australia and New Zealand. Contact us today to learn more about how our outsourced services can benefit your business.

About Acquisition International

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