Parkes BPO Joins COVID-19 Vaccination Program to Get Back to Normal

Parkes BPO Solutions Inc. joins the country and the Cebu business community in the nationwide vaccination program against COVID-19. We are hopeful that, together with other safety protocols, the vaccination program will reduce severe infections and, ultimately, help the economy bounce back.

The global pandemic has been difficult for the company as it continued to deliver the same quality support services to our clients and, at the same time, also provided support to our employees. This is why the company is thankful, first and foremost, to our employees who took great efforts in getting themselves inoculated.

I got vaccinated as soon as I could to protect myself and my family from suffering too much from this virus and wanted to be part of helping the community to get back to normal as quickly as possible.

– Peter Levis, Parkes BPO Solutions CEO and founder

Parkes BPO would also like to thank the Cebu IT/BPM Organization Foundation Inc., the Project Balik Buhay, and the local government units’ vaccination drives. In line with our responsibility as member of the outsourcing industry in Cebu City, we are doing our best to keep not only our employees healthy and safe but also their families and the community as well.

As the majority of our employees are now fully vaccinated, we can guarantee our clients that Parkes BPO will continue to ensure that our employees are in tip-top health so that there will be zero to minimal disruptions in the delivery of Parkes BPO’s administrative support services.