Parkes BPO’s Top Business & Technology Predictions as Featured in CIO Magazine

Our top predictions in business and technology as featured in CIO Magazine.

This year, Parkes BPO Solutions CEO and founder, Peter Levis, shared with CIO Magazine his top two predictions for business and technology:

  1. Shift to flexible work arrangements will increase the use of productivity tools.
  2. Normalizing remote work will get companies to be more comfortable with outsourcing.

Parkes BPO Top Predictions

Flexible work arrangements and productivity tools

We predict that Zoom fatigue will likely happen this year. But there will continue to be an increase in the use of other productivity tools such as like Parkes BPO’s in-house online leave scheduling application, Leavestar, to better manage the work arrangements of our clients’ employees and virtual assistants.

As more companies implement flexible work arrangements, we see a challenge as high as the Mount Everest in ensuring that productivity goals are achieved. In line with this, we predict that there will be an upsurge in demand for administrative support and human resources services.

Remote work and outsourcing

As companies grow more confident with remote work, we see an increase in outsourcing, especially in support services, such as digital marketing, bookkeeping, and overall administrative support. We foresee a lot of companies reporting losses in 2021 and seeing them scrimping and saving. We see outsourcing as a cost-saving strategy for companies who are struggling financially.

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